1. Xpediente X (Overclock Remix)
    Trazzo & Sun Ray

  2. Fulminato de Mercurio
    Ray Bee & JuanItunes

  3. Movidas en el Ático (Matiere Grillz™ - HHCBH)
    Ray Bee,

  4. No me fío de nadie (Single) INFAMOUS 2014
    Loco Zobe feat. Rafael Khazalla, Fumas, Ray Bee & El Moes

  5. Pacto
    El Niño Kfeina feat. El Punto, Ray Bee, R​.​Castro, Kevin Spencer & Jack's Beats

  6. Socioadicciones (Ni-Da-Ni-Ele RMX)

  7. Dose Of Reality (Single)
    Kevin Spencer & Ray Bee

  8. Esposas & Macumbas (Single)
    Ray Bee (Prod. El Punto)

  9. In My Mood (Single)
    Ray Bee feat. Lauren IX

  10. MitoLógico (EP)
    Trazzo & Sun Ray

  11. Vetusta l'Olla (AfroMatik Remix)
    Ray Bee feat. Kevin Spencer & HachaT20

  12. En el parque ft. Ray Bee + Interludio Alado ft. HachaT20, MDC & Ray Bee
    Kevin Spencer & HachazoBeats

  13. Back 2 Da Basics (Single)

  14. Ray - W.Scouts + Jonas Rodon Extra Bonus Saxophone Improvisation

  15. Thesis E.P.
    Ray & HachazoBeats

  16. Papiloma Humano 'Feat. Ray Beats' - Billy Is Dead + Jonas Rodon Extra Bonus Saxophone Improvisation
    Papiloma Humano feat. Ray Beats + Jonazz Rodon

  17. Billy Is Born feat. Ray Beats (Prod. Unreleased)
    Papiloma Humano

  18. Ray Beats - Neuronal + Jonas Rodon Extra Bonus Saxophon Improvisation
    Ray Beats & HachazoBeats + Jonazz Rodon

  19. Ray Beats - 1000 Trozos + Jonas Rodon Extra Bonus Saxophon Improvisation

  20. Papiloma Humano 'Feat. Ray Beats' - Billy Is Dead a.k.a. En Busqueda Y Captura (El Punto Remix)
    Papiloma Humano & Ray Beats + El Punto

  21. El placer del cambio (por Ray Beats)
    Jak Albin

  22. Billy Is Dead 'Feat. Ray Beats' (Prod. Interfaceprod)
    Papiloma Humano

  23. T20 Files Vol. 2 - Esta Noche Promete - 04 - (con Ray Beats) Prod. HachazoBeats
    HachazoBeats & Ray Beats

  24. Finest Soul (LP)
    Ray Beats

  25. Ray Beats Feat. Monkey Pure - Synth-esis (Single)
    Ray Beats + Monkey Pure

  26. Suspense (Prod. Ray Beats) Segunda Pubertad
    Papiloma Humano

  27. Neuronal (Single)
    Ray Beats

  28. L3S Records - Smoking Pro (LP)
    L3S Records Label

  29. Ray Beats - Signos de Puntuación (Single Test)
    Ray Beats

  30. Licores & Fragancias (Single Test)
    Ray Beats

  31. Vicio X Exceso (LP)
    Kevin Spencer


Ray Bee Barcelona, Spain

L3S Records Catalan seal member and present in several projects since founding the group Pral. 1ª with Kevin Spencer, and DJ of Rabsolut Vodka group with Kenoh and HK-Lone ...

Currently is accompanying the group L3S in live, and immersed in the preparation of his next reference.
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